New Integrated Knowledge based approachs to the protection of cultural heritage from Earthquake-induced Risk

The Old City of Akko (Acre)
The Templars’ Tunnel
Lengthening the visitors path in the tunnels
OrdererThe Old Acre Development Corporation
Implemented by: Arch. Amir Freundlich
Eng. Ofer Cohen

The purpose of the conservation measures and the development in the Templars’ tunnel is to lengthen the visitors’ path at the site, from its entrance in the western part of the city to Khan al-Umdan in the east of the city. The tunnel probably linked the Templar fortress in the west of the city to the Crusader port in the east. Its western part, which is c. 100 m long, has been open to the public for the past four years. Recently an additional 70 m were exposed. That segment is going to be opened to visitors in 2006.

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The eastern end of one of the tunnels after it was cleaned and drained.

The tunnels’ outlet (at the Crusader port?) when it was being exposed.

The route of the Templar tunnels from the Templar fortress, at the left (in the west) to the Crusader port, at the right (in the east – Khan al-Umdan).

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