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Barko Park
Conservation work and exposure
OrdererPrime Minister’s Office
DurationFebruary 2007
Implemented by: Arch. Yaara Shaltiel
Avner Hillman
Daniel Seeboni
Arch. Eran Hemo Head of Planning Branch
Yoram Saad - Head of conservation project branch

Barko Park is located along the outskirts of the southern entrance to the city of Tiberias. The park extends across an area of c. 100 dunams where there are remains of the ancient city of Tiberias, the earliest of which date to the first century CE.

The conservation measures implemented within the park are part of the work that is included in establishing a national archaeological garden, underwritten by the Prime Minister’s office. At this stage the conservation work is focused on the area of the cardo and the southern gate.
The conservation work in the gate compound began in February 2008 and will continue for approximately four months.
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Artist’s conception (Ya’ara Shaltiel Sinvani, architect)

The entrance to the cardo, looking north.

The western tower in the gate building.

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