The Israel Antiquities Authority, in cooperation with the Safed municipality, the Department of Social Services of the Ministry of Housing through Project Renewal and the “Livnot U'Lehibanot” Association, have teamed up to create a unique and extraordinary project called “Conservation Trustees for the City of Safed Heritage”.
The old city of Safed is famous for being one of the well-preserved ancient cities in Israel and a center of Jewish spiritualism. The extent of the architectural heritage that is preserved in the city from the sixteenth century CE is exceptional and sheds lights on the way of life there in the past. Safed’s heritage is therefore deserving of recognition and appreciation, not just on a local level but nationally as well.
Today, Old Safed is a mixture of an ancient urban fabric, historic architectural heritage and modern life.
In essence the aim of the Conservation Trustees for the City of Safed Heritage project is to increase community awareness about the city’s rich past. The group of trustees for the city’s heritage will be a stakeholder that is involved in the process of conservation and development, and through their involvement will also be able to affect the image of the Old City of Safed.
The goal of the project is to build a team of residents who are committed to heritage conservation. This group will act in cooperation with organizations working for the preservation of the heritage of Old Safed and in coordination with them. Another goal is to promote a process of dialogue between the residents and authorities of Safed Old City's regarding the city’s future.
The project is expected to last three years, from 2011 to 2013. The first stage is a series of meetings in which various aspects of Safed’s heritage will be taught: history, archeology and conservation. At this point the group will explore options for advancing the city's conservation processes. Later, based on the action chosen by the group, their activity will be sketched out and will include among other things, continued enrichment and community, educational and practical activities in the field of heritage conservation.
March 2011