The IAA policy for the conservation of built heritage was first put forth in an official document in 1997, by Eng. Ya’acov Schaffer who then served as the director of the Conservation Department.  The policy was updated in 2003, in accordance with international conservation standards. The current paper is the third revision of the policy which follows the reorganization of the Israel Antiquities Authority Conservation Department.  The idea behind the reorganization of the department is the formulation of a body that will lead conservation in Israel from the standpoint of a broad national perspective. The Conservation Department will act in coordination with all agencies involved in conservation in order to join forces and promote the professional practice of conservation in Israel.
The formulation of professional standards and their assimilation among those engaged in conservation in the country is the principal task on the department’s agenda, hence the importance of the policy paper.
The Conservation Department works to determine national priorities in conservation activity and to advance the protection of the built heritage in the State of Israel and the supervision of conservation processes.
The Conservation Department regards itself as the agency that is entrusted with implementing policy and establishing the necessary mechanisms to promote conservation principles. Moreover, it aims to assimilate the principle of a controlled and transparent conservation process and the recognition of the fitness of those who are engaged in conservation. Imparting the principles, as they are formulated in the policy paper, amongst the professional community, the conservation bodies in the country and the circles in which these operate will make it possible to promote the professional practice of conservation and actively preserve the country’s heritage assets.

Ra’anan Kislev
April 2009