New Integrated Knowledge based approachs to the protection of cultural heritage from Earthquake-induced Risk

The Jewish Quarter in the Old City
The Hurva Synagogue - Survey of the building’s interior
OrdererThe Corporation for the Renovation and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusale
DurationJuly 2007
Implemented by: Arch. Faina Milshtein

The work of surveying and documenting the structure is focusing on locating and gathering historic, iconographic and textual information with regards to the interior of the Hurva synagogue. The work includes a search for analogies in synagogues that are decorated with wall paintings, and with metal engravings on the Holy Ark. These analogies are likely to shed light on the interior design of the synagogue and the different forms of artistry used therein.The results of the survey will guide the project planner, the architect Nahum Meltzer, and the preparer of the survey in formulating the interior design principles and the incorporation of elements inside the structure, as part of the overall rehabilitation project of the synagogue.

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Reconstruction of the synagogue structure, 2007.

A view from the inside the synagogue, dating to end of the 19th century-beginning of the 20th century.

Photograph of the synagogue’s interior from 1942.

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