New Integrated Knowledge based approachs to the protection of cultural heritage from Earthquake-induced Risk

Qaqun Fortress
Conservation and engineering stabilization
OrdererThe Nature and Parks Authority ; The Emeq Hefer Economic Development Corporation ; The Electric Comp
Implemented by: Yigal Hanatayev
Gavriel Solomon
Conservation Guidance - Yoram Saad, Head of the Implementation Branch

Qaqun Fortress is located in the domain of the Emeq Hefer Regional Council, northwest of Tulkarm. Proceedings are currently underway to declare the site a national park. There are remains of buildings at the site that date to the Crusader, Mamluk and Ottoman periods. The project initiators plan on rehabilitating the site and turning it into focal point that will draw tourism. At this point in the project preliminary conservation and stabilization measures are being carried out on the facades of the fortress structure.
The conservation measures include:
Pointing up joints and cracks in the stonework with bonding material
Completing missing stonework
Stabilizing the exposed cores of walls
Supporting walls that are in danger of collapsingReplacing deteriorating stones

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View of the southern facade, existing condition.

View of the eastern facade, existing condition.

View of the northern facade, existing condition.

site built by tetitu