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Gedera, Tel Qatra
Landscape plan
OrdererThe Gedera Municipality
DurationJune 2005
AddressSprinzak street
Implemented by: Arch. Shachar Puni

Tel Qatra is located in northwestern Gedera and is delimited by HaNasi, Shivtei Yisrael, Sprinzak and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi streets. The project is intended to establish an observation point at the top of the hill that will be open to the visiting public.
The origin of the name Gedera is found in the Bible: “These were the potters and inhabitants of Netaim and Gederah” (1. Chron. 4:23) and “and in the lowland…Sharaim, Adithaim, Gederah, Gederothaim…” (Joshua 15:36). The village of Gedera was established on land that was purchased by Rabbi Yehiel Michal Pinas from the Arab village of Qatra (whose name is traditionally use to identify ancient Gederah), on behalf of members of the Bilu organization.
To date no archaeological excavations have been conducted on the tell; a tree is planted at the top of the tell that is visible from afar.
The observation point is situated on the top of the tell. It rises above the village and overlooks the adjacent settlements. The place is an open, undeveloped area (save for a dirt path).
The meager remains of a late, poorly preserved underground cavity lined with debesh walls are visible at the site. The ceiling of the cavity is destroyed and its walls are cracked.
At the request of the municipality, a detailed proposal was submitted for the installation of a wooden observation platform at the top of the tell. The platform, which is semicircular in shape, is supposed to be built of Finnish pine around the trunk of the tree at the top of the tell. The radius of the platform (including the tree) is 7.25 m and it will stand c. 0.45 m above the surface level. The approach that has been proposed to the planned look-out will be via a foot path, requiring a minimum of preparation, by way of steps ascending from one side and a ramp from the other. It was suggested that benches be built around the tree.

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Tel Qatra (summit)

Remains of the underground cavity

Approach path

Platform: detail

site built by tetitu